Screenwriting Tip: Secrets & Rumors

Screenwriting Tip: Secrets & Rumors 150 150 Circa Historical Screenplay Competition

To effectively develop your story, you’ll need to use effective elements and techniques. There are many elements and techniques to use with your subject in history, and you’ll find that they are strictly defined particularly for your story. This is true with any subject in history, which may not be true in any other stories outside the realm.

“Secrets & Rumors” is one element or technique you can use in your subject in history to develop your story character, plot and theme. You have recognizable characters and plot, even your audience knows who your characters are and what happens in plot beforehand. You can take advantage of this fact and use it effectively to develop your story.

‘Secrets and rumors’ is exactly what it means.

Take Alexander The Great, for example, as our recognizable figure in history. We can effectively apply ‘secrets and rumors’ to its historical fact: by creating, for example, a scene with our characters in dialogue about how Alexander The Great was buried alive. (This is something that our audience doesn’t know or something that they are being informed of false or opposite.) This technique creates a good tension for our subject in history, and helps develop our characterization and plot.