Circa 2020 “Best Historical Screenplay”

Circa 2020 “Best Historical Screenplay” 150 150 Circa Historical Screenplay Competition

CHSC awards “Sound of the Somme” (Short Screenplay) by Alexander Menu, Michael Vermaercke “Best Historical Screenplay”.

Set during WWI, Sound of the Somme tells the story of the last day in the journal of James C. Richardson, a young bagpiper who on 8 October 1916 at Regina Trench at the Somme in France, while his company was was held up by very strong wire and came under intense fire, he strides up and down the enemy line to play his troops into an attack that first seemed doomed to fail.

“It’s been a great honor to be the award winner of CHSC especially since we were looking at historical competitions in particular. I would highly suggest other historical screenwriters to enter…” – ALEXANDER MENU, Writer of Sound of the Somme