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June 2019

Screenwriting Tip: Secrets & Rumors
Screenwriting Tip: Secrets & Rumors 150 150 admin

To effectively develop your story, you’ll need to use effective elements and techniques. There are many elements and techniques to use with your subject in history, and you’ll find that…

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General Historical Timeline
General Historical Timeline 1024 683 admin

Present Age of Information 1957 Space Age 1947 Cold War Period 1945 Atomic Age 1939 World War Two 1919 Inter War Years 1914 World War One 1901 Edwardian Period 1837…

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calendar - 11 months
11 Months To Craft Your Best Historical Screenplays
11 Months To Craft Your Best Historical Screenplays 771 1024 admin

Our Screenplay Competition opens Dec 1st this year. This gives our screenwriters from all over the world 11 months to prepare, brainstorm, research, write and craft their best historical screenplays…

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