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April 2019

Theme In Subject In History
Theme In Subject In History 150 150 admin
Theme is a very important element in your story. Knowing the theme of your story is also knowing the transitional progression of your story in terms of characterization and plotting, although it’s something you can’t overemphasize, as it needs to remain true to your subject in history, as well as to its accuracy of facts. read more
History As Subject
History As Subject 150 150 admin
History As Subject History manifests itself in different ways. It is part of our everyday lives whether it is easily recognized or it remains wholly unrecognized. Taking history as subject is recognizing history as a conscious state. It is a difficult and monumental task. Luckily, it is bound by a rule, and as a rule, history must start from the present. read more
History, Screenwriting and Film
History, Screenwriting and Film 150 150 admin
With history, with all its facts of life and time, film becomes much more and something else; the craft of screenwriting and filmmaking becomes a mere vehicle, where the driver has only the depth of facts to guide him, and not until then that he becomes conscious of his creative power. read more