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Theme is a very important element in your story. Knowing the theme of your story is also knowing the transitional progression of your story in terms of characterization and plotting, although it’s something you can’t overemphasize, as it needs to remain true to your subject in history, as well as to its accuracy of facts.

Theme is something you’ll need to identify in your subject in history. Hidden somewhere between intermingling facts, you must uncover this very important element in order to develop your story to its fullest.

The question is: how do you identify the theme in your subject in history?

Begin with something you already know: the four main elements of your subject in history which are the period, event, setting and figure.

If we take the story of Alexander Fleming, the bacteriologist and the discovery of Penicillin as an example, we would identify our four elements as: the early 1900 or the 1920s as our period, the discovery of Penicillin as our event, September of 1928 in London at St. Mary’s Hospital as our setting and Alexander Fleming, himself, as our figure. We can ask then: which of these four is the theme of our subject in history‚Ķ?

It’s best to identify the theme of our subject in history using Points: 1 to 4 with 1 being the best and 4 being the least.

The early 1900 or the 1920s, the period, does not exactly rule out as our best and would likely be our least. The discovery of Penicillin, the event, is our most significant, but it’s more likely our plotting rather than our theme and would likely be our second best. September of 1928 in London at St. Mary’s Hospital, the setting, would be a little too weak to be our best and falls as our third best. Alexander Fleming, the figure, is most likely our best and our theme – his careful research and controlled experiments, and his discipline and perseverance, in particular, towards his discovery of Penicillin.

Now that we’ve uncovered our theme of our subject in history, we can now emphasize our theme facts and develop our story to its fullest.

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